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tratak meditation kriya basic and its amazing result in daily life – beginer guide

Trataka or trataka meditation kriya also called technique of meditation practice that is a part of six purification technique called shatakarma of hath yoga. It is a Sanskrit word which means to “look” or “gaze”. To do trataka kriya practice first sit in a meditation pose; place a candle before your eye so you can gaze without any movement. Fix your eye gazing on the wick of the candle and don’t blink until the water in your eye or you couldn’t stop eye blinking. Stop here and start again the same process until you are unable to stop blinking of eyes. Repeat this process for 25-30 minute to awake your hidden power of the eye.

trataka meditation kriya

Several people are not able to perform this practice in the right manner and suffer from a basic problem like water in the eye, dry eye, unable to see clearly etc. In this post, we are here to practice trataka kriya in a simple to super performance. Trataka kriya not only require flame or candle but you can also practice on some points, fix object and staring on any fixed object.

How to perform simplest trataka meditation kriya :

Trataka a part of six purification technique also used in meditation is performed by some simple steps so that it can’t harm your eye. To perform simple trataka meditation kriya

  • just sit in meditation pose or in Subtle condition.
  • Lighten a candle or Deepak in front of your eye also fix it at height of your eye so that you can do trataka easily without any movement.
  • Now concentrate on the flame of a candle and gaze up to 10 seconds, don’t try to open your eye forcefully because it can harm the eye.
  • When you close your eye you can imagine that burning candle flame in your mind center called ‘agyachakra’
    Open eyes after some time and again concentrate on flame for 10-15 second.

Repeat this process until you feel comfortable, you will tire within 10 minutes in starting of practice.
If you do trataka kriya in starting just for adjusting your eye to gaze on flame for a long time you will feel more comfortable after some days but if you think you shouldn’t close your eye for a long time probably you may suffer from an eye problem.

Type of trataka meditation kriya

There is three type of trataka kriya as per practice and distance of trataka medium.

  • Inner trataka: same as meditation just close your eye and concentrate on third eye or middle point of the forehead. At the beginning time you may feel some pain or heat also unable to concentrate for a long time but if you do this gradually you will surely do this in a perfect way.

Benefit: help in building confidence and concentration also increase hypnotic power and you can telepathy people far away from you.

  • Middle trataka: all type of trataka that require a board like shakti chakra, Bindu trataka board or any other medium can be categories in middle trataka.

Benefit: it increases our concentration, memory, and mental power also hypnotic and spiritual experience. It also improves our work efficiency power.

  • Outer trataka: Can be done day or night on far away object like tree, star, and sun.

Benefit: cure mental disorder and improve motivational power & foresight.

How to do trataka meditation kriya in the right way:

The practice time should gradually build. In the initial stages, look at the flame only for about 10-15 seconds. Slowly increase this time, so that after about one year you can look at the flame for 1 minute and then concentrate on the inner image with closed eyes for about 4 minutes. Under no circumstances should this recommended length of time be exceeded.

One may also practice Trataka while looking at a white point on black paper, or at a black point on white paper. When one concentrates on a white point, one sees this as a black image when the eyes are closed and vice versa with a black point.

In trataka we have a thinking in our mind that we have to open eyes for a long time as the practice require gazing on flame for a long time, shouldn’t blink and we are totally focused on just open eyes. Instead of opening eyes for a long time you must focus on concentrate on the flame. If you feel tired and water in eyes just close it for some time and try again after some time. When we gaze naturally on some object after some time our eyes obviously tired and blinking, also we may feel water or wet eyes.

Mantra chanting during trataka:

People have a query can we chant mantra during trataka or with trataka what is the benefit of chanting mantra? There is no other benefit but mantra chanting can increase our concentrate on flame so we can feel some spiritual experience.

The benefit of trataka kriya:

Trataka kriya is a part or technique of shatakarma it’s a part of purification.

  • It purifies eyes and strengthens eye muscles. Help with sleeping difficulties and bedwetting.
    trataka meditation kriya Strengthens the ability to concentrate and is therefore recommended for school children.
  • Develops intuition, the ability to visualize and willpower.

Caution in trataka:

If you have a psychic problem you shouldn’t do trataka kriya, a person with weak eyesight shouldn’t do middle trataka. If you suffer from any kind of eye problem like dry eye, spectacles of high power lens avoid doing trataka.

What should do before doing trataka?

If you want to get rid of any kind of eye problem like dry and water in the eye you can try the simplest and easy way of gazing object. trataka meditation kriya can be done early morning or sunset time. To do simple gazing method sits in the garden or any other place where you can focus on any object or medium easily. Raise your hand in front of the eye and make a position like below picture. You have to gaze on thumb for some time and repeat this process 5 times after this move your hand at 45 degrees left and right and focus on the thumb.

This practice increases your gazing power and helps you to perform trataka easily.  If you think you have a better idea you can suggest us also leave a comment for any query related to how to do trataka in right way. If you feel any problem and suffer from side effect just ask us.

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