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How to Vashikaran by Photo every Detail you Need to Get 100% Guaranteed Result

There are lot of Photo vashikaran specialist who claim to do photo se vashikaran. They ask you for basic detail both of person. But the question is vashikaran possible by photo? Can we do Simple Vashikaran by photo? Friends, our mind is very deep and its secret power even deeper we can think. In this post we talk about the method of how to vashikaran by photo some simple practice. In this method, you will get to know about science behind photo vashikaran and simple mantra method of vashikaran from photo, so try to understand it well.

To do Vashikaran by photo at home one should have the following qualification. First your mind should be able to achieve thoughtless state or trance state. Second, you should have a good hold on both your own spirit power and will power. Because the basic principle of Vashikaran by photo and name without any ritual is based on this.

Vashikaran by Photo

One more question we usually get Is photo se vashikaran mantra also used in this exercise? No, it all depends on our Imagination Powers. This is a quick simple effective way of vashikaran by photo in which we can connect with anyone by awakening our mental powers. our subconscious mind need to get the power of belief once and it works whatever we want.

This post will guide you everything about Vashikaran with Photo like process, benefit and caution with instruction. This post is based on my True experience of How to do vashikaran at home by photo so it will help you a lot to understand. This extremely simple but potent and powerful Photo Vashikaran Mantra Practice is being given here for the benefit of all readers. This Vashikaran Pryog is very easy to use and can be used by any man or woman for attracting his desired beloved.

How to vashikaran by photo

First of all We must know about what is Photo vashikaran and how it work? This practice is based on both spiritual and psychic level so you can get all benefit. There are a lot of way we can do Vashikaran by photo. According to Basic principle of Photo vashikaran;

When you imagine someone’s nature, you connect with their waves in this universe. Well, just having a photo is not enough. You should also have an idea of ​​the location of the front before sending your waves. With this we keep sending through our imagination power or vision.

It has some advantages like Our brain is focused in one place.

Our confidence increases because in the vision we see our waves reaching the desired person. We are inspired to keep on increasing our practice. Apart from this, willpower and emotion power, it shows the right path to our waves. To Practice with photos, you must first be focused, reach the trance state of meditation and most of all, the thoughts that have to be sent to the medium should be aware of how it should be.

To do vashikaran by photo, you have to keep your mind concentrated in one place and activate the Third eye chakra so that it can condense the thoughts that you want to convey to the medium. After this, that idea soon not only reaches the medium but also starts showing effect on it.

If you want, you can create your own idea and check your level of success. Like asking the medium to do some work which he does not normally do. He remains restless until he does this. On the basis of this, you can know your level of success.

Basic Need of Photo vashikaran

You can do Vashikaran by photo if you know its basic need or requirements. As a Photo vashikaran specialist say we need Deep understanding of limit of subconscious mind that help us to get trance like state. It play an important role in Photo Vashikaran ritual. there are some basic need you have to understand before you start practice and get 100% result.

Correct way to send waves

Just as you cannot read a thick book in the beginning, for this you have to strengthen your willpower by reading small books first, in the same way we should do this kind of exercise at a short distance in the beginning, which will increase our confidence and improve our skills. .

If you are successful in sending your thoughts at a short distance in the beginning, then you can easily infuse confidence in yourself that yes I can do it.

Many times we sit down to send a message but after a while we start feeling mentally exhausted, then our confidence starts breaking because we do not get any response whether we have been successful or not. So in the beginning do it only at a short distance.

3 stage of photo se vashikaran

Like there is 3 stage of hypnotism, similarly Vashikaran by photo is also its three stage. Its initial 2 stages work on connection desired person with Photo and emotion and then sending suggestion. Sending a message means sending someone what is on our mind and inculcating it in his mind. In other words, it is to convey what is on your mind to others without saying it.

Second stage:

At this stage we send some of our suggestions. Under this, to test the success of our work, we give some such suggestions to the front which are not already in his mind. When we give these suggestions, he looks at them and we know that we have been successful. In this state, we remember someone and his call comes, we can see the most common example.

just like this during practice you can send some suggestion like “go to the park at fix 6 PM”. beware you have to send some thought that he generally don’t do in normal life.

imaginary scene through the messages of the brain

In this state, we can call anyone to us. An experiment of this was done in America, in which expert selected a person for whom he was completely unknown. He suggested him to meet at a particular place in America. every day after sleeping for 25-30 consecutive days and also showed him imaginary scenes.

After 29 days, the person reaches that unknown place with a curiosity, where he has never been before but there was no place unknown to him because those sights had already been described in his mind by emotions. The truth came to know when he met those people.

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Does vashikaran by photo work?

Yes definitely it will work if you do it with right way and guide. You can get complete guide of How to do Photo vashikaran at home without any master just at 650 INR. this E-book guide will help you to solve everything that you generally face during practice and experience such a way to get 100% result. this guide is divided in steps so you can easily measure your success time to time.

Mostly people follow practice and try to complete ritual but they don’t know what will happen in practice. like some people get started experience positive sign just in 7 days and other don’t get any sign of success even after finishing process. if your question Is vashikaran possible by photo? then, yes we can do it. what you need is a complete guide and experience.

Photo vashikaran with the power of your subconscious mind

This is proven scientific method that work like telepathy between two people. major difference is the Thought transfer process. In telepathy we can not control mind of someone except we try to send some command with repetitive sentence. this tactic used in Vashikaran by Photo and it proven 100% guaranteed result.

Now let’s talk about the third stage of sending a message, finally we need an approximate location of the person in front, his photo, apart from some information like what he does, etc. All this because we should know in the beginning how far we are sending the message from the photo.

And through personal information we will suggest him only when he is between consciousness and sleep. All this so that all these memories keep dominating in his mind and he does not understand the dream. Do it in the following steps:

State of Meditation:

First of all, we should make our brain in zero thought state so that we do not get entangled in other thoughts, this is important because this will make our suggestion clear and clear. And our will and psychic force / Morale will be able to exert their influence well. No high state of meditation is required for this practice.

All you have to do is adjust yourself to a rhythm. When both your body and mind are in a stable state then you come into the trance like state of meditation. For the practice of photo se vashikaran, you have to come to this state and stabilize both body and mind. This is not a very difficult task. You practice normal meditation or Tratak, Nyas meditation or yoga nidra practice can help you in this.

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you should be clear about your thought

We should first prepare some sentences or suggestions in our mind so that we know what to suggest to desired person. Try to make the suggestion small and with minimum words in the beginning, it increases the effect more. The biggest reason for lack of practice or not getting success can be due to mistake in the way you send your ideas.

We initially sit in practice, but when the turn comes to send suggestions or ideas to the medium, we are defeated.

There are many thoughts moving in us and we keep repeating them one after the other. Just as the scope of its power increases by reciting the mantra again and again, in the same way, when the same thought is repeated again and again clearly, it starts affecting the medium.

Instead people start sending ideas one after the other in practice as if the medium is sitting in front and we are talking to them. If your mind is concentrated before sitting in the practice and you are ready, then you should take the next step with your idea which you want to send to the medium.

Focus your thoughts by keeping the photo in front

While looking at the photo, we have to maintain a constant depiction of its photo in the external form i.e. the photo as well as in the inner mind. With this we are able to bring ourselves to the state of vision. In which we see ourselves giving that suggestion to the person in front of us in real form.

To do Vashikaran by photo it is necessary that you can be successful in keeping yourself focused. When we concentrate our thoughts and focus on the photo in front, then we can see its effect on the front.

To understand this situation, you have to understand the experiment of burning fire by focusing the rays through the lens at one place. The situation is same in both. Your Third eye chakra acts like a lens from which your thoughts like rays are focused and affect the medium in front.

If you are not able to keep yourself focused, then practice Shakti Chakra Tratak or candle flame gazing meditation, this will give you better results in less days. If you want, you can do tratak meditation practice in Photo. For this, please read the book given in the link below. this book is based on How to do vashikaran at home by photo simple effective and working step by step method.

Practice for at least 15 minutes

In the beginning, even at short distances, we do not get to see any reaction. It doesn’t mean that you didn’t succeed. Your thoughts definitely reach the front but they are not able to dominate. For this, you can try this exercise for a few days continuously even 2 times a day.

Within few days he starts reacting as per your suggestion. This is my own experience which has been successful till the shortest distance i.e. the room near my room.

The biggest advantage of short distance is to be able to imagine clearly that too for a long time. The longer we practice keeping our mind focused, it starts having an effect on the person sitting in the next room.

Another reason is that we also have a clear idea about the situation and the mood of the person, due to which we are able to concentrate on our obedience cycle for a long time.

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Increase your practice time for better result

When it is successful at a short distance, then you send suggestions to someone in your colony and after that the correct process of sending thoughts to your city and then farther away is this because every work should be done moving towards from the least. This strengthens our self-confidence.

Often people make such a mistake in practice and instead of taking their practice forward with patience, when they start getting positive results initially, then suddenly they try to practice at a long distance.

If you get success then it is right but what if you do not get success in it?

In such a situation, you will get frustrated and all the hard work that has been done behind you goes in vain. It has an impact on us from both sides. When there is no success in the beginning practice, then negativity starts coming in us and then there is no enthusiasm about the practice as before.

The second effect is to start sitting in our conscience that we will not be able to do it.

If we pay attention, we will find that we are doing well in the beginning and when we get positive results, we feel like practicing. Once there is a negative impact, then only after that the interest starts decreasing. The more times we fail, the lesser this interest becomes and later on we leave the practice. So be patient in your practice.

Vashikaran by photo at home

Vashikaran by photo at home is the process after all. For this, what kind of waves our brain emits is important. Also keep in mind what your feelings are. For example, if you want to bring a change in your mind by just telling your words to someone, then you can make it possible by sending general thoughts.

But when it comes to forcing you to influence thoughts in the mind of a person who has a strong opposition to you.

In this practice, you have to bring a negative / vengeful effect in your thoughts and this is very important to dominate. Start with the general and send only one thought so that it dominates the same person.

to get 100% success with Vashikaran by Photo, the waves that reach the front in the form of waves in your thoughts should have that effect and at the same time keep imagining the changes you want in your vision.

Trance like State of sending psychic thought

When we spent a lot of time in this kind of practice, then we can make an impact by mere thought. Because it is just like Tratak and meditation. So we have to be very careful in the beginning practice.

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Easy photo vashikaran mantra method

If you want to practice with photo on medium by any mantra method, then follow the method given below. Whatever be the method, your concentration is essential in practice, so it is considered very important to be a practitioner of meditation.

If there is any kind of dispute between you and someone else or the distance between the two has increased, then you should start this practice on any Friday before 6 AM in the morning or after 12 in the night.

Take a photo of the medium on which you are doing this remedy and install it in a separate room where no one can disturb you during practice. Your sitting should be of white color and also establish a vashikaran Yantra in front. Put tilak on the photo you are using and after that chant the mantra given below while keeping it in front.

om rm shru amuk vashya manaya hum (ॐ रं श्रृं अमूकं वश्य मानाया हूं!)

You have to chant the mantra 21 times regularly and at the appointed time. Whether you choose night time or day time but the practice should be at the same time. By the way, the time after 12 o’clock in the night is correct. At this time, the medium is mostly found sleeping, due to which the remedy takes effect quickly.

In this method, you have to use a Sphatik rosary. Along with doing it regularly, practice meditation. Within a few days, you start getting favorable results.

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Caution in suggestion from photo:

  • Always keep the photo black and white so that a clear image can be made in mind. Photo should be focused on face.
  • Always send suggestions in sequence and follow all the steps so that you do not suffer Psychic loss.
  • If you start practicing at a long distance in the beginning, then you must first strengthen your self-confidence, if you do not get success in practice, then it is most affected.
  • Never do this exercise with weak determination, nor leave it in the middle.
  • In this practice, there is a waste of mental energy, so one must do Sleep-yoga, yoga-nidra or Nyas meditation.

Amazing Photo vashikaran totke

if you want your lover to be loyal with you just follow basic tips of Photo vashikaran totke. Take a Photo of your love one and keep it in the Glass jar of hone (honey should be natural and old) then place this jar in dark place of home where nobody notice it.

all you need to just chant any kind of vashikaran mantra and smudge the glass jar every day for 21 days and they dig it in your home. this totka will start working and after this you will notice your partner love you more and more.

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Special practice from Photo vashikaran specialist

You can follow one of best method provided by a Photo vashikaran love spell caster.

  • This practice of Vashikaran by photo has to start the Photo Vashikaran Mantra Pryog from Tuesday or Sunday.
  • While performing the Vashikaran Pryog sit facing west direction.
  • you should sit on white sitting and also cloth color should be white.
  • The Vashikaran Pryog should be practiced after 10 pm in the night.

Procedure of practicing the Photo Vashikaran Mantra Pryog is given below, it simple and uncomplicated and can be easily practiced by any man or woman for attracting their desired beloved.

Keep a photo of the desired person and focusing your eyes on eyes of the desired beloved in the picture chant the Vashikaran Mantra given below 1008 times.

Repeat it full faith and concentration for 2-3 times


Vang vang vashibhutasya mam hridayam ||

Do with full faith and intensity and see the miracle. As always, faith, intensity and concentration along with will power and patience is important in these Vashikaran Prayog.

How to Do Vashikaran on Girl or Boy with Photo only

You can use photo se vashikaran in the situations written below:

  • If you have a breakup with your girlfriend
  • If your girlfriend is upset with you
  • If your girlfriend refuses to marry you
  • Or your girlfriend has started a love affair with another boy and you want to get her back

In these types of situations you can use photo se vashikaran to control your girlfriend. This tactic also called Boyfriend or girlfriend vashikaran by photo.

  • On Tuesday, you have to use the Boyfriend or girlfriend vashikaran by photo trick by facing towards the west.
  • You have to take white colored seat and wear only white colored clothes.
  • You have to do this vashikaran experiment between 11:00 to 11:45 at night. You must have the name of the girl and the boy you want to attract.

Photo Vashikaran Mantra by Photo:

Bang Bang Vashibhoot Ache Hridayam Swaha

Putting that name in front of you 1008 times with telling you the vashikaran mantra below, you have to do this vashikaran mantra for five consecutive days and you will see result within 5 days that any girl or boy you want to control is on your side. Attraction will start.

What are the Benefits of Vashikaran by Photo?

  • If you want to vashikaran your boyfriend or girlfriend by Photo, then the biggest advantage is that it shows immediate effect.
  • No one gets to know about this vashikaran, any woman whom you want to control falls completely in love with you.
  • By using the photo vashikaran mantra, you can convince your angry lover even if she or he blocked you on Phone or Whatssapp.
  • You can make any girl crazy in your love through vashikaran a girl by photo.
  • You can also control your husband’s mind.
  • If your wife has gone to her maternal home, and is not living with you, then with a photo vashikaran totke you can bring her back.
  • Through vashikaran by photo, you can control your boss in your office.
  • You can tilt your enemy in your steps with the photo vashikaran mantra for love.

So if you also want to vashikaran on your lost boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife try this amazing guide. we will also provide you never-failing Mohan mantra attracts anyone by photo that starts showing effect in just few days.

If you want to vashikaran your boyfriend or your girlfriend at home, then you should completely follow the boyfriend vashikaran mantra and enjoy the benefits of the mohini mantra by attracting anyone by photo.

How to perform vashikaran by photo a word from author

There are lot of people who face such kind of issue like breakup from love one, dispute in husband wife life, third person affect your love life and many more. this is all because of lack of attraction between you and your love one. to solve this issue we met some baba or gave money to online vashikaran specialist or love spell caster but its  all waste of money and time.

I also did this exercise but in a small way as a suggestion. I had also achieved success in this, but this kind of practice should not be done by a normal person. If we meditate regularly then this state automatically starts developing inside us. if you find any useful information or have any doubt ask us or share your thought in comment box.

Download pdf guide on this: photo vashikaran in 40 days

Kumar is an influential tratak meditation guide whose work has touched the lives of people worldwide. After spending a lot of time in trataka he got ideas on how tratak can program your subconscious mind, manipulate thinking and also how it can be best option for love spell or vashikaran. Get our special genuine guide with special support and eBook service.

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